Behind the Scenes

African Jade Family Collection

A Family Affair

A friend of mine had a BRILLIANT gift idea... She wanted a piece of jewelry for each of the ladies in her family (mom, sister, mother-in-law, etc, as well as herself). She wanted each piece to be unique and stand alone, but all obviously forged from the same materials, a sort of mini-collection for the special women in her life. I loved the idea!

African Jade Family Collection 2

She loved a piece of African Jade I showed her. I chose Onyx, Green Chalcopyrite, and Hematite to compliment this main stone in each necklace. It was a tough assignment because each of the ladies has a different style - some like small, simple pieces, while others prefer larger statement jewelry. 

Woven Beaded Bezel

I enjoyed the challenge, though, and she gave me the highest compliment by telling me she couldn't decide which one to keep for herself :-) Hope you enjoy viewing the collection as much as I enjoyed designing it.